5 Places to Explore North Carolina Alpaca Country


Apple Hill Farm isn’t the only option for exploring North Carolina’s alpaca agritourism. Some of the mountain topography of the state is similar to that of Peru, where alpacas are from, but alpacas are being raised all over the state (and the country). Check out five North Carolina alpaca farms where you can meet these friendly, fiber-producing creatures. For more ideas, download the Visit NC Farms app at visitncfarmstoday.com.

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Alpacas at Cherry Run

North Carolina alpaca farms

Willow Spring, NC

(919) 622-0339


Tours are by appointment only, last about 90 minutes, and are generally only offered between September and May due to the summer heat. Options available for hands-on fiber arts tours. Cost is $10 and $5 for children. Not recommended for children under age 6.

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