Why Can’t Farmers Deliver Fresh Produce Year-Round?


Sweet Corn

Question: Do you have sweet corn?

Answer: Seems like a simple enough question, doesn’t it? This is one of the top questions we get at our farm market – in April. No, we don’t have sweet corn in early spring; it will be ready in late June or early July. That’s the season you want it if you want it fresh.

The idea of what’s in season is important for consumers to understand, but I think it’s sometimes hard for them to grasp. Think about it. Today’s consumers have grown up with a grocery-store mentality of everything available all the time. Our generation has been blessed to have so many different choices of fresh fruit and vegetables available that we simply take for granted the bounty of this country. Don’t get me wrong – I enjoy sweet corn year-round as much as the next guy, but we need to understand agriculture, the seasons, the climates and from where our food comes. Places like California, Florida or Texas allow us choices on the types of fruits and vegetables we can have in our diet that in turn make us healthier as a society.

We’ll keep working on extending the season for sweet corn in Eastern North Carolina because we know how much you love it! In the meantime, as we move into winter, don’t forget to thank all the farmers who work so hard to provide the food we eat, whether it’s your local farmer or one that’s thousands of miles away. Remember: To everything there is a season.

Shawn and Tracey Harding, Beaufort County farmers

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