What is Sustainable Agriculture?


Ask a Farmer: Bo Stone

Question: What is sustainable agriculture, and do you believe it is possible?

Answer: By its definition, sustainable means using methods that do not completely use up or destroy natural resources. As a sixth-generation farmer, sustainability is very important to me. Our slogan at P & S Farms is “Growing the Next Generation,” and we want to make sure that the farm we pass on to our children is better than it was in previous generations. We have adopted many conservation techniques to help us achieve these goals while still producing the highest quality crops. Among these techniques are no-tilling our soil to prevent erosion and runoff, and using precision agriculture to apply our pesticides and fertilizers precisely where we want them and at rates that allow our crops to use them efficiently. We take the responsibility of feeding a growing population, and we believe doing this under a sustainable model will allow our farm to continue to grow for many generations to come.

Bo Stone, Robeson County farmer

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