Why North Carolina Farmer Jackie Thompson Chose to Farm Organic (VIDEO)



In this day and time of agricultural production, farmers are looking for ways to remain environmentally and economically sustainable. Organic farming has played a part in helping my farm meet those goals.

Shoppers are often willing to pay more for “value-added” crops grown or packaged specifically to meet desires expressed by some consumers. In the case of organic crops, we limit our use of certain inputs to meet a market niche, but the farmer faces higher production costs as a result.

Our farm also grows many crops that are not produced organically. These conventionally grown crops cost less to produce, but the market price we get is also less.

Whether it’s organic or conventional, our crops are grown to meet consumer choices and in ways that leave our land healthy for all of our families and future generations.

Jackie Thompson and his grandson, Jackson. Photo by John Lambeth

Jackie Thompson farms in Rolesville and is the former president of Wake County Farm Bureau.

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