Wrangler Rooted Collection Features North Carolina Cotton


Photo courtesy of Wrangler

Wrangler is celebrating local farms across the American South with its new Wrangler Rooted Collection. Made with cotton grown exclusively on American farms, the new limited line of locally sourced, 100% sustainable jeans and cotton T-Shirts features products produced and manufactured in the United States from start to finish. And as part of this new collection, Wrangler has chosen North Carolina as one of five states – along with Alabama, Georgia, Tennessee and Texas – to produce the homegrown cotton for the jeans and T-shirts.

Sustainability from Seed to Seam

The five farms participating in the collection make up the original growers in the Wrangler Science and Conservation Program, which promotes land stewardship through sustainable farming practices. Launched in 2017, Wrangler’s sustainable cotton program supports farmers who use soil-health practices like no-till farming, cover cropping and crop rotation. These methods, in turn, help to improve yields, reduce energy and water inputs, fight erosion, and lower greenhouse gas emissions. The company aims to source 100% of its cotton from farmers using these practices by 2025.

Wrangler Rooted Collection

Photo courtesy of Wrangler

“The Wrangler Rooted Collection reflects our commitment to strengthening local communities and supporting U.S. farmers,” says Tom Waldron, President of Wrangler. “Equally important, the introduction of this collection aligns with our goal to continually improve the environmental performance and traceability of our products.”

The unique items in the collection also feature custom rivets, pocket details and patches that represent the work ethic and land stewardship of American cotton farmers. Within the individual state collections, the items showcase state pride through unique details and embellishments that connect each T-shirt and pair of jeans back to the states that produced its cotton.

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Wrangler Rooted Collection

The Lassiter family on their farm; photo courtesy of Wrangler

The North Carolina Jean

Each pair of jeans in the North Carolina collection begins with cotton grown at Lassiter Family Farms in eastern North Carolina. The farm was first established in 1944 when farmer Donny Lassiter’s grandfather returned home from World War II. Today, the Lassiter family grows cotton, corn, peanuts, wheat, soybeans and pumpkins using sustainable farming practices. The Lassiters plant their crops with no-till and use cover crops in the fall and winter. They also use  GPS and soil samples to create an individual prescription for each of their fields, ensuring the crops get just enough fertilizer to thrive.

In addition to sustainable North Carolina cotton, the jeans feature a unique wash, trim and patch details with the state’s silhouette, and other custom embellishments. The collection also includes two cotton T-shirts with North Carolina-themed designs, which are manufactured in the Carolinas, as well.

To meet the rest of the farmers supplying the limited Rooted Collection and read more about the company’s commitment to sustainability, visit wrangler.com/sustainability.

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