4 Perfect Pasta Recipes for Spring


I read recently that rigatoni and linguini were making a comeback. What? Were they ever not beloved and au current? If we had known they were no longer in style, we would have eaten them anyway.

Pasta is always in season. The great thing about it is that it picks up and tags along with whatever is growing, swimming and grazing. Vegetables, seafood, beef and ham all show off the versatility of high-energy pasta. Springtime fresh flavors, such as herbs and early peas, offer an example of its adaptability. Even those with gluten allergies and sensitivities can enjoy wheat-free products that adapt to any pasta recipe.

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Linguini with Clams and Italian Parsley

Over the years, the Linguini With Clams and Italian Parsley has been a Lenten favorite on Friday nights. It makes me think of springtime with its light sauce and plentiful parsley. A very rustic and simple dish, it’s also special enough for company. I recommend serving with a baguette to sop up the yummy clam and garlic olive oil.

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