4 Summer Recipes Perfect for Dinner Al Fresco


Carpe diem! This is the day to seize and enjoy all of that wonderful sun-ripened, flavor-bursting, gorgeous North Carolina produce. Juicy peaches, taut-skinned tomatoes (the ones that are so fragrant you could find them while blindfolded), bushels of corn and big purple aubergines (also known as eggplants) are all rolling in.

These seasonal offerings are sublime just as they are. Still, it is fun to mix things up a bit and use fresh produce in new ways. Seize the day while the seizing is good!

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Grilled Sweet Corn off the Cob

Photo by Jeffrey S. Otto

The season is perfect right now for Grilled Sweet Corn Off-the-Cob with Herbs. Our silver queen corn connection never lets us down. Every year, my husband brings home a couple dozen ears from a guy who knows a guy. Our grandkids are still young enough to think that shucking corn is fun. Though they are pretty terrible at it, they give me a good start. Sweet corn has interesting names, such as platinum lady and sundance, and there are more than 100 types of sweet corn. Just remember to eat it as close to picking time as possible. The sweetness fades quickly.

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