4 Sweet and Savory Apple Breakfast Recipes for Fall


apple breakfast recipes

The season of crisp weather, cozy sweaters and changing leaves has arrived. And nothing says fall quite like a trip to the apple orchard – except maybe the smell of homemade apple pie fresh out of the oven. As we say goodbye to the last of the warm weather, the cravings for comforting family recipes and seasonal fall favorites begin to return like clockwork. Apples take center stage, starring in so many of our favorite fall foods and traditions. From bobbing for apples to indulging in candy apples to sipping warm cider beside the fire, getting your apple a day this time of year is, well, easy as pie.

In North Carolina, apples abound in the fall. Home to 10,000 acres of apple orchards, the state ranks seventh in the U.S. for apple production, with peak harvest season taking place from mid-August through October. While more than 2,500 varieties of apples grow around the U.S., just four varieties make up the majority produced in North Carolina: Red Delicious, Golden Delicious, Rome Beauty and Gala. Ranging in flavor from sweet and mild to crisp and tart, there’s a perfect apple for just about every sweet or savory fall recipe.

Need another good reason to eat more North Carolina apples this fall? That age-old saying, “An apple a day keeps the doctor away,” isn’t actually all that far from the truth. Apples are an excellent source of dietary fiber, vitamins and antioxidants. They also contain flavonoids, natural chemicals that might play a role in the prevention of heart disease and certain cancers.

So, take advantage of the apple season this year by collecting your own bounty at a local orchard. Afterward, why not go beyond traditional apple pie in the kitchen? Take your harvest to the next level with some of these delicious apple breakfast recipes for fall.

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Bacon, Apple and Butternut Breakfast Hash

apple breakfast recipes

While it’s easy to incorporate apples into most sweet breakfast foods, they also add unique flavor to savory dishes. Tart apples pair wonderfully with salty bacon and sweet butternut squash in our Bacon, Apple and Butternut Breakfast Hash. This one-pot dish is easy to prepare and versatile enough to serve for any meal of the day.

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