4 Tailgating Recipes for a Winning Menu


Years ago, I worked in the marketing department for a bank. My job was to manage the executive dining room and oversee other bank hospitality events. We had an annual tailgate party at one of our branches. I once chickened out and convinced the catering staff to take heed of a stormy forecast and feed our crowd inside. What a blunder! The food was so delicious. The fans were psyched up for their teams. But we failed to deliver the most important element of tailgate charm: fresh air. Please, don’t repeat my youthful error!

Tailgate season is a great reason for fans of football – or fans of fun and food – to gather outdoors. We might not even know the rules of the game. It doesn’t matter. We all like to eat! There are so many options for professional, college and local high school games in the tailgating realm. Most fans want something easy to prepare that travels well, holds up and tastes great. The following recipes are designed to deliver just that. The tradition of joining friends for delicious food in the great outdoors is always a winner.

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BBQ Cornbread Sliders with Homemade Fresh Pickles


We are all a bit par-ti-cu-lar about our barbecue. This recipe for Pork BBQ Sliders with Homemade Fresh Pickles incorporates your favorite, whatever it may be. There is no need to have a rivalry over the ’cue and the correct amount of mustard, vinegar or other ingredients.

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