Fall for Pears With These Autumn-Inspired Recipes

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Upside Down Caramelized Pear Cake

This time of year welcomes so many comforting flavors back into our kitchens. From cranberries, sweet potatoes and Brussels sprouts to acorn and butternut squash, fall brings an array of delicious offerings. And although pears often get overshadowed by other seasonal favorites in the fall fruit arena, this versatile seasonal crop deserves its turn in the spotlight, too.

The peak season for pears begins in late summer and runs through January, giving you plenty of time to enjoy these juicy fruits at their best. Thanks to their mild flavor, pears are perfect for everything from muffins, cakes, and cobblers to fresh salads and vegetable dishes. They’re just as versatile as apples in most baking recipes, and their subtle sweetness combines well with so many sweet and savory ingredients. In fact, there’s a perfect pear variety for just about every use in the kitchen. Bartlett pears, for example, are excellent for baking, while Anjou pears are best enjoyed raw. Bosc pears are firmer, making them a good choice for poaching, while sweet and buttery Comice pears are a delicious complement to cheese.

So why not set aside your traditional apple and pumpkin recipes this year and incorporate more pears into your seasonal cooking and baking? These four fall-inspired dishes are the perfect place to start.

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Savory Pear Tart with Goat Cheese, Arugula and Balsamic

Pears make the perfect topping for this Savory Pear Tart made with creamy goat cheese, arugula and tangy balsamic vinegar.

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