Go Beyond the Brew with 4 Delicious Coffee Recipes


For most coffee lovers, coffee is more than a beverage – it’s a morning ritual. No day can really begin without that familiar smell, bold taste and much-needed caffeine jolt that only coffee provides.

Whether you prefer to kick off your day with classic black coffee, a frothy cappuccino, iced coffee in the summer or a festive peppermint mocha during the holidays, there’s a perfect choice for every coffee drinker and every season. But the versatility of coffee doesn’t stop there. In fact, its uses extend far beyond the mug. The roasted quality of coffee, combined with its bitterness and acidity, makes it a surprisingly versatile ingredient in both sweet and savory foods. In desserts, the bitter, slightly nutty flavor of espresso helps balance sweetness. It can also enhance the flavor of chocolate in classic treats like tiramisu. On the savory side, coffee’s earthy flavor adds a unique complexity to spice blends and meat seasonings. It even works as a natural tenderizer thanks to its acidic nature, making coffee grounds an excellent addition to meat rubs, marinades and glazes.

So why not turn your morning ritual into your secret ingredient? In these four recipes, you’ll discover new ways to showcase the versatility of coffee in the kitchen. Even if you’re not a regular coffee drinker, chances are you’ll enjoy the dynamic and unexpected flavor coffee contributes to these delicious entrees and desserts.

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Mocha Mousse

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Few flavors complement one another quite like coffee and chocolate – a classic duo that stars in Mocha Mousse. This light and fluffy dessert features rich espresso, semisweet or dark chocolate, and heavy cream whipped up to melt-in-your-mouth perfection. Made with just seven simple ingredients and served in individually portioned cups, this treat also provides an easy and elegant addition to the dessert table at any holiday party.

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