On the Lighter Side – 2010


A police officer was taking a vandalism report at an elementary school when he was interrupted by a 6-year-old girl. She looked up and down at his uniform and asked, “Are you a policeman?”
“Yes, I am,” he said.
“My mother told me that if I ever needed help I should ask a policeman. Is that right?” the girl asked.
“Yes it is,” said the officer.
“The girl extended her foot to the policeman and said, “OK, then, would you tie my shoe?”

There were three guys from the city walking in the woods and they came across this huge hole in the path.
The first guy says, “Let’s throw some rocks in the hole and see how deep it is.” So that’s what they did, only they didn’t hear it hit bottom.
So the second guy says, “I saw a log back there; let’s get that and throw that in.” So that’s what they did.
Then this farmer comes walking up and says, “Have you seen my goat go by here?”
The third guy replies, “Yeah, we saw one jump down in that hole.”
The farmer replies, “What? That couldn’t have been my goat. He was tied to a log!”

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