Fall 2009


MCDOWELL COUNTY FARM BUREAU is celebrating the success of one of its scholarship winners. Justin S. Jornigan is the winner of USDA’s Saul T. Wilson scholarship, which is given to one student nationwide each year. Jornigan graduated with a bachelor of science in animal science last May and is now in veterinary school at N.C. State University. He spent the summer doing research full time on poultry farms. The Wilson scholarship pays for Jornigan’s education and a summer job at USDA’s Eastern Regional office in Raleigh. After graduation, he will have a contract with USDA to work in a district as a Veterinary Medical Officer for Veterinary Services. Furthermore, Jornigan was interviewed for an N.C. Farm Bureau/RFD-TV program about the need for large animal and food animal veterinarians. The program will air January 20.

MOORE COUNTY FARM BUREAU hosted a membership appreciation luncheon and open house at its new office in Carthage. Grilled hot dogs were served to the Volunteer Leaders and Members who attended. County President David Allred says people are invited to stop by the new location at any time to discuss the county’s agricultural and rural issues.

ROCKINGHAM COUNTY FARM BUREAU held a Family Auction Night in support of the R. Flake Shaw Scholarship Fund in June at the home of President Darryl Dunagan. The event featured a cookout and auction that raised more than $2,500.

ROCKINGHAM COUNTY FARM BUREAU recently held its 12th annual Progressive Foundation Kids Safety Day at Wentworth Elementary School. The event featured talks and information about electric safety, animal awareness and safety, eye and skin safety, small and large equipment safety and more. Farm Bureau logo items, including Willy the Safety Squirrel coloring books and safety booklets, propane safety brochures and others, were given to the 155 students in attendance.

TRANSYLVANIA COUNTY FARM BUREAU Members volunteered their time and knowledge to support the Farm Fair Day sponsored by the Brevard Chamber of Commerce and the Transylvania County Heritage Museum on Sept. 5. Farm Bureau Volunteer Leaders rotated through one-hour shifts at the booth, where they talked about the scope, diversity and importance of agriculture to the county’s economy.

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