On the Local Level Winter 2018-19


Take a look at what's happening with the North Carolina Farm Bureau across the state this winter:

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Ag Achievement Award Winners

Justin and Erica Edwards; Photo courtesy of NC Farm Bureau

Achievement Award Winner

Growing up in farm families, Justin and Erica Edwards of Duplin County say they always knew their place in agriculture and the importance it held in our lives. During their upbringing, their families ingrained hard work and dedication, as well as cherished memories they wanted to share and create with their own family, which now includes a baby boy.

After graduating from high school, Justin completed one year of college before returning home to farm full time with his father. He considers it the best decision he ever made, noting the experiences, sacrifices and lessons learned have made him a stronger person – and a better advocate for agriculture. Meanwhile, Erica achieved her dream of earning a doctorate of education in curriculum and instruction. She’s always been interested in educating the nonfarming public on the importance of agriculture, which she’s able to do through her job as a schoolteacher.

Justin and Erica were recognized for their contributions to agriculture this year, winning the N.C. Farm Bureau Young Farmers & Ranchers Achievement Award, which honors young farmers for whom a majority of their income is related to production agriculture.

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