Rockingham County’s Personal Pharmacists: Kevin and Keith Layne


Keith and Kevin Layne are Rockingham County natives. They remember a time before Eden even existed, a point when it was the three separate communities of Leaksville, Spray and Draper.

Much has changed since the towns eventually consolidated in the late 1960s. Textile mills no longer dominate community activity, but the fraternal twin brothers hope their locally owned pharmacy gives Eden residents the combination of how things used to be with how technology and change can be beneficial.

“It’s about meeting a unique need. When we find a problem, we try to solve it,” says Keith Layne, whose father, aunt and other family members were mill workers.

Located in the center of Layne’s Family Pharmacy is a laboratory that’s both state-of-the-art and a throwback to how a pharmacist specially made drugs for a single patient. The Laynes can make cancer-treatment medicines without the preservative that sometimes causes an allergic reaction in patients because the doses are given either at the hospital across the street or another facility in nearby Reidsville.

After doing business in a smaller location for four years, the Laynes revamped what was an outlet store for Fieldcrest Mills. Instead of racks of towels, sheets and comforters, the facility now contains not only that specialized laboratory, but also an elaborate pharmacy with a complex machine that fills prescriptions accurately because of a special barcode system, as well as thriving respiratory therapy and pediatric care practices.

“If someone has a problem, it’s incumbent on us to solve it for them right here,” Kevin Layne says as he points to a dressing room where a staff member explains to an elderly diabetic patient how to properly wear compression stockings.

“We saw the competition and what everyone else was doing. We decided we could make it better than what was out there,” Keith Layne says.

As an example, the brothers use a former Fieldcrest board room that’s now equipped with video screens and other amenities for community support gatherings and more.

Layne’s Family Pharmacy also delivers medicines to patients who live with in Rockingham County, which is one of the larger counties in North Carolina. The brothers insist it’s all about service. Keith Layne recalled an instance where he personally delivered medicine to a gravely ill patient while snow fell on a Sunday night.

“It’s all about relationships and treating people right,” Keith Layne says. “We don’t get abused on it. But they know if there comes a time in their life when they need exceptional care, you’re going to get it here.”

The twin brothers (Kevin is older by six minutes) are far from a two-man medical operation. The pharmacy has a staff of about 70 professionals and spends what Kevin Layne says is at least six figures for training and other expenses to keep up with the demands of health care.

“We’re big into training to stay up and current, because you have to,” Kevin Layne says. “If you don’t, you’ll get left behind. I’m always working on our procedures and our processes. Those have to be strong. But those don’t replace that one-on-one relationship with the guy at the counter. When you show up and your kid is sick and someone is nice to your kid and takes good care of him, when he gets better, they’ll remember that nice guy down at Layne’s.”

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