A Year Well Spent

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Farmers have relied upon North Carolina Farm Bureau as the unified Voice of Agriculture® for 80 years. As we enter 2016, we remain committed to our core mission of speaking out for farmers.

It’s been a tough weather year for farmers all across the state. North Carolina experienced a wet spring, a dry summer and a flooded fall in varying degrees across our three distinct regions. Farmers painstakingly planned and calculated their risks this season only to be met by a series of uncontrollable natural forces that devastated single crops, as well as entire harvests.

When weather cycles crush farmers’ hopes for a prosperous year, it stings!

Farm Bureau is doing everything we can to help our farmers mitigate the economic damages and continue to compete in the domestic and world markets. It’s been a hard year for farmers of all types not only due to bad weather cycles, but the tremendous challenges from low commodity prices, high input costs, vagaries of international trade and the threat of avian influenza. But, when farmers experience tough times, they rely on their faith and their support networks to see them through to more prosperous circumstances. Farm Bureau is proud to be included within that support system.

North Carolina is making the right investments in sound regulatory policies, excellent market development strategies and agricultural technology that is literally saving farms through improved seeds, biotechnology and advanced production practices.

We had an extremely successful year with the N.C. General Assembly. One result we must follow through with during 2016 is the Bond Act, which will be voted on March 15. Approval of the bond measure will set the stage for North Carolina’s much-needed future prosperity. If voters approve the bond, agriculture will receive an unprecedented investment in plant sciences research and development, as well as food sciences, veterinary diagnostics, and agricultural and consumer standards. Approval of the bond package will create an environment for farming to remain successful and prosperous.

North Carolina’s leaders recognize the impact of the agricultural economy and how fragile it can be. As the state’s largest industry, our leaders know that when farmers prosper, their communities improve and a consuming public benefits from bountiful, safe and nutritious food.
As you and your family celebrate your faith and traditions, your Farm Bureau family wishes each of you a Merry Christmas and a healthy and prosperous 2016.

– Larry Wooten

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  1. Johnny Lee

    March 25, 2016 at 1:02 pm

    Do the PAC donate to both parties? Yes or No!

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