Election Season in N.C.


It’s not difficult to see that the winds of demographic change have impacted North Carolina.

The state’s population growth during the past 20 years has exceeded all expectations. After the 2012 General Election on Tues., Nov. 6, the state’s residents will experience a more urban-centered, urban-represented General Assembly.

North Carolina’s changing demographic environment is the major reason it’s more important than ever for Farm Bureau members to be active voters and constituents. Now is the time to connect with your legislators, as well as those other candidates who are running for office—especially before the election.

Candidates need to learn about the issues that impact your family, your job and your farm. We cannot assume they understand the challenges that today’s farmers and their rural communities are facing. There is simply no substitute for Farm Bureau members knowing the names and having a rapport with their elected representatives.

In this time of great change, we cannot, we must not, rest on our past accomplishments. We have to continue to make our case, encourage laws and regulations based on sound practice, science and initiatives. The first step and one of the most important steps is meeting, getting to know and educating our public servants. This important fact has not changed!

For more than 75 years, through Farm Bureau, farmers and their rural communities have relied on people and relationships to accomplish shared goals. From protecting life, health and property to representing farmers’ needs before county, state and federal officials, Farm Bureau is a trusted resource for North Carolina residents.

We have a lot of work yet to accomplish. As President of North Carolina Farm Bureau, I look forward to working on behalf of our members to enhance the quality of life for our communities.

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