Farm Bureau’s Promise for a Better Tomorrow


Farm Bureau’s Promise for a Better TomorrowAs we celebrate the holidays this season and anticipate the beginning of a new year, we cannot help but reflect on the year that is passing. 2009 humbled us. We’ve experienced fully the worst economy since the Great Depression. Remembering the 1930s is among the only ways to truly appreciate the challenges—and promise—we face today.

Black Tuesday—October 1929—marked the onset of a global crisis, a decade of high unemployment, low profits, bankruptcies and broken dreams.

Agriculture was especially hard hit. Farmers–including farmers in North Carolina–saw profits shrink, then disappear. Farmers are recognized for their spirit of independence, but 1936 saw these icons of self-determination make a far-reaching decision. North Carolina’s farmers decided to gamble on an organization known as Farm Bureau.

That year, they chartered North Carolina Farm Bureau to serve as their single voice of decision in the legislative arenas of the state and nation. Their decision to approach lawmakers and regulators with that unified voice earned farmers tremendous influence and power among the state’s decision-makers.

In fact, Farm Bureau would grow to become a complex membership organization dedicated to legislative representation. There is no possible way to measure our members’ legislative accomplishments. Farm Bureau has and will continue to address issues ranging from animal welfare to water usage to zoning–and all in between.

Above all, Farm Bureau became a service organization, providing assistance to tens of thousands of North Carolinians. Today, Farm Bureau is proud to be a part of the business community within every county in our state.Larry Wooten NCFB President

The need for Farm Bureau is as great today as in 1936. We may live in different times and the challenges may carry different features, but the challenges confronting farmers and agriculture in North Carolina are no less urgent than they were 73 years ago. They mandate that the reasonable voice of Farm Bureau should speak for the farmers of our state and nation.

For agriculture, Farm Bureau holds the promise of a better tomorrow.

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