Getting Out the Vote


It’s a monumental year for political activity across the state and nation. The outcome of the elections will impact North Carolina’s economy, especially agriculture, and its people for decades.

With the issues facing this state and nation, taking a pass on this election should not be an option. North Carolina Farm Bureau’s member families are presented with clear political choices for the future direction of our state and nation. We encourage every member to be active in the political process.

On the March 15 ballot, voters will have the opportunity to support a $2 billion bond that builds a better North Carolina. The Connect NC bond commits North Carolina to a sound future by investing in our universities and community colleges, agriculture, state parks, National Guard facilities, and water and sewer infrastructure.

The state’s top leaders support the bond. They have wisely paid down and paid off existing state debt. As such, the bond can be issued and paid for without increasing the tax burden on families. Gov. Pat McCrory and House Speaker Tim Moore agree there will be no tax increase necessary for the bond package. Historically low interest rates on government bonds and the fact that North Carolina hasn’t had a bond since 2000 – combined with our unprecedented population increase – make voting YES a sound financial decision.

“This bond project is really, truly funding critical needs,” Moore says.

The Connect NC bond dedicates more than $300 million to North Carolina municipalities to modernize their water and sewer systems, helping ensure water quality, economic competitiveness and improving quality of life. Most of these infrastructure needs are in rural communities.

Connect NC also invests $179 million to support future growth in agribusiness and family farms. These investments include $85 million for N.C. State University’s Plant Sciences Initiative, and $94 million for the North Carolina Department of Agriculture and Consumer Services’ new laboratory complex. This bond referendum is a clear choice to invest in the future of our children and the economic growth and vitality of our state.

I encourage Farm Bureau members to vote in favor and help pass this bond March 15. I’m asking you to act locally to encourage your family, friends and neighbors to vote in favor of this bond package. It’s time to reinvest in what makes North Carolina great: our community colleges, universities, family farms, state parks, water and sewer, and our National Guard.

– Larry Wooten

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