Our Option is to Persevere


Our Option is to Persevere
Our economic situation as a nation is, in a word, serious. North Carolina Farm Bureau understands many of you are experiencing unprecedented financial challenges with your jobs, homes and businesses.  Let me reassure you that, by adhering to a conservative economic philosophy, the Farm Bureau companies remain strong and viable and our investment portfolio, sound.

As the state’s largest general farm organization, we realize that tough financial challenges are nothing new to the residents of North Carolina. Loss of industry and the impact of natural disasters have made it extremely difficult for our people in past years.

Farmers have always had to deal with the vagrancies of weather, unfavorable prices, credit, regulations, input costs and many other uncontrollable circumstances that come with the territory. As a result, farmers understand the risks and challenges of surviving a sour fiscal climate better than most.

Challenges and crippling economic conditions are ever-present in agriculture, but we don’t lock up the shed and quit while waiting for better times. We roll up our sleeves and tackle the challenges each year.  Much like the tens of thousands of family farmers in North Carolina, the American people are resilient; we will come back as a nation.
Larry Wooten NCFB President

Especially during this Christmas and Holiday Season, we look forward with optimism and hope for the future and encourage our members to do the same. While our financial outlook has suffered, there are blessings we should all take time to consider: our health, our families, our friends, our communities, our state and our nation, which is still the greatest country in the world.

Farm Bureau is proud to serve the people of North Carolina. We pledge to be worthy of your trust, to assist in managing risk, to address the important issues impacting our state, and to be active members of the business community in every county across North Carolina.

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