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Other than oxygen, water and food are the most important elements to living and doing so in a healthy manner.

While Farm Bureau is considered an expert, grassroots source for developing policy concerning food, we are also heavily involved in planning for water sources in the state, as well as making sure our members remain able to breathe clearly in order to live healthy lifestyles.

Today’s Farm Bureau is the unified voice of agriculture in representing farmers and the industry in the state legislature and the U.S. Congress. Yet, lobbying is not Farm Bureau’s sole policy mandate.

This year, for example, Farm Bureau launched its Healthy Living for a Lifetime initiative, which provides health care screenings to the general public at no cost to those who choose to take advantage of this vital service.

To this end, North Carolina Farm Bureau introduced Healthy Living for a Lifetime in five locations across the state during 2010. We’re proud to announce that this program continues into 2011 and beyond, with at least a dozen more free health screening events already planned.

As McDowell County Farm Bureau President James Nations says in the Healthy Living for a Lifetime story in this issue, the initiative is a perfect example of what Farm Bureau stands for—helping its members and rural residents wherever and however it is able.

When our members pay $25 for their annual membership dues, they now have even more reason to feel good about their money going to a good cause. Not only are we helping the estimated 20 percent of North Carolina’s rural residents who don’t have health insurance, but we also help educate rural students through our many educational initiatives such as the Ag in the Classroom program, two Institutes for Future Ag Leaders, our R. Flake Shaw Scholarships, which help fund the college educations of more than two dozen students, and our contributions to 4-H and FFA.

But with the support of our members, we are always looking to help. State government is facing another multibillion-dollar deficit, Larry  Wooten NCFB Presidentand everything we can do to help the state’s residents stay healthy is good for everyone, state Rep. Mitch Gillespie says in the same article. “Everything we can do to make people more aware of healthy living lifestyles saves money for all of us,” he says.

The Healthy Living story in this issue of the magazine will help spread the word about this new Farm Bureau initiative. But, we also need the help of our membership to spread the word and help fulfill this part of our mission.

So, I encourage you to read the story and check the website listed in the article for more information about Healthy Living events. Then, help spread the word by letting your family, friends and neighbors know about this opportunity to begin or continue living a healthy lifestyle. If you do, we will all benefit.

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