Weathering the Seasons


Weathering the Seasons

North Carolina Farm Bureau, and its members, can celebrate 2012 as we can few years in our recent past. We weathered this year’s hurricane season relatively unscathed.  Soon, we will have completed yet another campaign and election cycle. We feel fortunate to have successfully come through both!

Weather determines the fortune of Farm Bureau and our insurance company just as surely as it does the prosperity of our farmers. The year 2012 blessed North Carolina’s farmers with a favorable growing season and adequate rainfall; generally speaking, yields were good. Agriculture and agribusiness annually pump more than $70 billion into our economy. Twenty percent of all North Carolinians—one of every five persons—travel to a job in the agriculture/agribusiness arena each morning. Our state heavily relies on the success of our leading industry, and its many partners.

North Carolina Farm Bureau Mutual Insurance Company also relies on good weather for stability and prosperity. The storms experienced only last year were unprecedented. Our company paid out hundreds of millions of dollars in claims. There’s no denying that this strongly impacted our company’s operations.

Our company has always sought to meet our policyholders’ and members’ needs with compassion and efficiency. With that vision in mind, our company’s Board of Directors, its management team, our agency force and many employees re-evaluated our operational standards. We have secured the financial strength of our company and provided for its future growth so that North Carolina Farm Bureau Mutual Insurance Company will continue to be a vital part of the insurance industry in our state.

Politics is perhaps the only other element that impacts farmers as much as the weather does. As the leading agricultural organization in North Carolina, Farm Bureau has been deeply involved in the political system since the organization was chartered in 1936. Our mission is to represent the interests of all North Carolina farmers before the local, state and federal governments—regardless of the size or nature of their operations—and to advocate for the needs of our rural residents and communities. Our commitment to our mission is steadfast.

As we move into the holiday season, we offer thanks for the blessings of 2012. We also express deep appreciation for the involvement and sustaining support of our leadership, members and policyholders.

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