5 Interesting Things to Know About North Carolina’s Land of Oz


We're not in Kansas anymore. Actually, we're in Beech Mountain, North Carolina, home to the famous Land of Oz theme park.

Based on the iconic 1939 fantasy/adventure film, The Wizard of Oz, the Beech Mountain attraction park has a fascinating story of its own to tell. Scroll through the slideshow to learn five interesting details about Land of Oz and find out when you can visit North Carolina's Emerald City.

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The park went through a long period of abandonment

Land of Oz

Photo courtesy of Flickr user Rawpixel Ltd

After the park closed, it fell into complete disrepair. Left abandoned, harsh winters on the mountain destroyed much of the scenery, and the park became a target for vandalism and theft. The Wicked Witch’s castle still stood eerily over the quiet park as weeds grew over the yellow brick road. Finally, in the 1990s, Emerald Mountain Realty stepped in to restore the park piece by piece, but Land of Oz never opened as a fully functional attraction park again.

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