Nine Camping Safety Tips


Camping Safety Tips

If you’re planning a long hike or a night under the stars, check out these camping safety tips before you go on any outdoor excursion.

  1. Travel with family or a friend. Don’t go alone.
  2. Get a weather report for the area, and wear the proper clothes and equipment. Bring additional clothing for unexpected weather.
  3. Be alert to approaching storms and seek appropriate shelter. Return to your vehicle or the nearest park building immediately. Do not remain on rock outcrops, in open fields or in the forest under tall trees.
  4. Be prepared for emergencies. Bring a cell phone and the phone number of the park you’re visiting. Learn where emergency phones and help are located in the park.
  5. Leave your trip information, including the time you’ll return from your visit, with a responsible person.
  6. Bring water for both you and your pets.
  7. Avoid overexertion. Heat and wind may be tiring and may cause dehydration.
  8. Be careful with fire.
  9. Do not leave food lying around your camp as it may attract unwanted wildlife visitors.

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