Vistiors Flock to Sylvan Heights Bird Park

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Flamingos at Sylvan Heights Bird Park

Flamingos at Sylvan Heights Bird Park in Scotland Neck, N.C.

Nestled in southern Halifax County is a facility unlike nearly any site in North Carolina and beyond.

The Sylvan Heights Bird Park is operated by a non-profit organization and is designed to give visitors an unforgettable up-close experience with more than 2,000 ducks, geese, swans and other exotic birds from around the world.

Open to the public since October 2006, the 18-acre facility features large, walk-through aviaries displaying birds from Africa, Asia, Australia, Europe, North America and South America.

Tranquil gardens and lush natural areas are designed to enhance the beauty of the birds on exhibit.

“At Sylvan Heights Bird Park, we not only seek to entertain and engage visitors, but to inspire and educate them about the importance of waterfowl, wildlife and wetland conservation,” says Mike Lubbock, the park’s executive director.

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