5 Interesting Things to Know About North Carolina’s Land of Oz


We're not in Kansas anymore. Actually, we're in Beech Mountain, North Carolina, home to the famous Land of Oz theme park.

Based on the iconic 1939 fantasy/adventure film, The Wizard of Oz, the Beech Mountain attraction park has a fascinating story of its own to tell. Scroll through the slideshow to learn five interesting details about Land of Oz and find out when you can visit North Carolina's Emerald City.

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The park’s history involves tragedy, bankruptcy and fire

Land of Oz

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Unfortunately, the park’s success was short-lived. Just a few months before the opening date, Grover Robbins passed away. Without his influence, the park fell on the Carolina Caribbean Corporation’s priority list.

Then, just five years after opening, the Carolina Caribbean Corporation filed for bankruptcy after a bad deal in the Caribbean. That same year, Land of Oz caught fire in a suspected arson incident. The fire destroyed the Emerald City, the surrounding gift shops and a restaurant. To top it all off, thieves broke into the park’s museum and stole several valuable items, including Judy Garland’s original Dorothy dress.

Following the fire, another company stepped in to take over Land of Oz, but the park’s magic began to fade as the attention to detail was lost. The park struggled to recover but eventually had to close its doors in 1980.

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